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2017 Annual Session Conference

AS17B16C - The Geometry of the Class II Correction

Apr 22, 2017 4:00pm ‐ Apr 22, 2017 4:30pm


There still remains confusion over the biomechanics and anatomical limitations in correcting the Class II malocclusion. In private practice when treatment starts taking too long or unexpected side effects start showing up there is often little distinction made between patients with poor compliance versus poor diagnosis and unrealistic treatment planning. By exploring the geometry of the Class II correction, it may become more evident how improved treatment planning can minimize patients over treatment time in our practices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify when the geometry of the Class II correction is reasonable vs. unrealistic.
  • Recognize what treatment plans should be considered to achieve a favorable geometry.
  • Discuss some techniques that may minimize unwanted side effects in more difficult corrections.


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