Char Eash

Char Eash is the founder and CEO of Profit Marketing Systems South, inc., a Systems and Communication Enhancement firm for the progressive Orthodontic practice. Char works with orthodontic teams across the country 40+ weeks a year and defines orthodontic systems for efficiency and profitability. As a consultant, Ms. Eash strives to create systems that provide a positive platform for each team member to contribute to the practice at the highest level on a day-to-day basis. The practice of orthodontics must be run as a business! Ms. Eash has an extensive background in business, communication, leadership training, and systems development strategies for the progressive specialty practice. Through her training programs emphasis is placed on cultivating the talent within the team and communicating the vision of the practice to maintain profitability and efficiency. In addition to 30+ years’ experience in practice workflow management consulting, Char has also played a vital role in the development and launch of OrthoLync. Ortholync is a company founded on the premise that a positive patient experience can be enhanced greatly by technological advances in communication and practice workflow tools.