Antonio Gracco DDS

Dr. Antonio Gracco holds a Degree in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics from the University of Padova and post-graduate specialization in Orthognathodontics from the University of Ferrara. He was awarded a research grant in 2005-2010 for the project ‘Three-dimensional Diagnosis in Orthodontics’ at the University of Ferrara Department of Medical and Surgical Disciplines. He is a lecturer and visiting Professor at the University of Ferrara Department of Orthognathodontics, responsible for teaching techniques such as skeletal anchorage, 3D technologies and the Customized appliances. He is past-President of ASIO (Italian Association of Orthodontic Specialists) in 2010. He is also a speaker at various national and international scientific conferences and author of numerous articles published in international journals. He is presently Associate Professor at the University of Padova, Italy.